ABOUT killing darlings


Kill your darlings (imperative): to prune the passages, words, or phrases that you, the writer, love preciously, but that the reader — lacking your parental attachment — may find distracting, confusing or out of place.

Killing Darlings is an editorial service that offers invaluable feedback to help shape and write your best work.

Whether you're looking to submit your writing for traditional publication, to self-publish, or to polish a piece of work for you to treasure, I offer sensitive and astute guidance to help you hone the tale that you want to tell.

Based in Brighton & Hove and East Sussex, I offer a bespoke selection of editorial services for writers around the world. Whether you’re looking for substantive editing, copy editing, or line editing services, or are unsure what your manuscript needs, my services are tailored for your individual style and goals, and designed to help your writing develop from strength to strength.

To find out more about how I can help your writing today, please have a browse through my personalised packages for fictionpoetry collections, and poetry and short stories.


who is killing darlings?


If you have five seconds to spare, then I'll tell you the story of my life

Hi, I'm Chloe.

Hi, I'm Chloe.

Hi. I'm Chloe: the pen behind Killing Darlings.

I am a substantive, copy and line editor based in the beautiful seaside town of Brighton, UK. I created Killing Darlings because I wanted to offer an accessible service that helped diverse voices write their best work.

Having been a book editor for over two years, I believe the best books are the ones written to change and inspire the author as well as the reader — not those written to merely mimic, or to follow trends. In short, I like books that break the box.

As a writer as well as a book editor, I'm all too familiar with 'writer's block', and the thrill and challenge of having your work critiqued by another's editorial eye. Consequently, I always deliver my criticism how I would like to receive it: sensitively and honestly. 


Why should i choose killing darlings?


In short, because I give a damn about your writing.

I started my editing career as I mean to go on: with integrity, drive and tenacity.

I strongly believe that the publishing industry and writing world needs to start welcoming more diverse voices to its pages, and I encourage all writers who feel or worry that their voices are not being heard to let me help you hone and raise your voices through your writing.

I have worked with a number of poets, authors and scholars from around the world who have had their work published by commercial and indie publishers, successfully self-published their work, or have won competitions.

So if you're passionate about writing something authentic, unique, and fearless, then I'm the editor for you.