Free Book Editing For Underprivileged Authors - Why I Want To Help One Author This Summer


There is much talk at the moment about the rise of independent authors. But the fact remains that many writers are still being overlooked and underrepresented because they cannot secure a traditional publishing contract, and cannot afford professional services that are invaluable to authors wanting to self-publish. And I want to do my bit to help one talented, underprivileged writer this summer.

The predicament

The publishing world is an imperfect place. Despite the fact that it’s 2019, the doors to a traditional publishing contract still remain closed to many before they have even put pen to paper.

Self-publishing is becoming an increasingly popular alternative route for all types of writers, and as a result of this, there are lots of great services now offering professional reading, book editing, production and marketing services to help independent authors carver their legacy, and authors looking to secure a traditional publishing deal.

However, whilst many freelance professionals in particular tend to offer understanding and flexible payment terms (this is something that I am passionate myself at Killing Darlings), the reality remains that for many writers, these are luxury services that simply cannot be afforded.

Whilst I firmly believe that those who offer a service deserve to be paid for their work, it concerns me that there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of help around for independent authors who cannot afford services that can add up to thousands of pounds. And I don’t feel comfortable in the knowledge that we could be discounting many crucial voices because of this.

Which is why I would like to do something to help.

What I want to do to help

I want to take responsibility as a book editor who has faith in their craft and their worth, but who also wants to advocate change. So I’m looking to work with one talented author who can’t afford professional book editing for free, and help them hone their poetry collection, novel or short story collection into something amazing.

My pledge to work with one writer for free

As I do with everyone I work with, I will assess your work so far, and determine what sort of editorial support is needed at your work’s current stage of development (substantive, copy or line editing).

Whether you’re goal is to self-publish or to attain a traditional publishing contract, this offer is open to you. This is a passion project for me, and I want to work with someone whose work I love and believe in.

Criteria (there are only two)

1. This is for writers who cannot afford professional book editing.

Please only apply for this if statement truly applies to you. If you can afford to pay for professional assistance but simply do not want to, please do not apply. Out of respect, please visit my services pages when determining whether this applies to you or not.

2. You may be a writer from anywhere in the world, but you must write in English.

Work with me

 If you are interested in working with me, please return this form to me by Sunday 30 June, and send me a sample of the work you are looking to improve.

Please note before applying that I will ask you to provide some very basic information about your financial situation out of a respect for what I am trying to do. All information will be kept strictly confidential at all times, and will be deleted once I have selected the person I would like to work with.

Get in touch with me today at if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.


Chloe Murphy