Why Do Authors Need an Editor’s Help When the Book Industry is Booming?


The novel is not dead. Poetry is on the verge of a glorious renaissance, and in 2016, more books were published in the UK than in the entire nineteenth-century. So why do authors need an editor’s help on their manuscript when the book industry is booming? 

It’s exactly because the publishing industry is booming that authors need the support of a good editor more than ever if they want to submit their manuscript for a publisher’s consideration, or for self-publication.  

Modern readers and critics in 2018 are overwhelmed with Kindle book offers, and armed with the ability to preview books before they buy them. In reaction to demand for quality, and the volume of literature being written and published every year, authors are now finding that publishing houses are asking for manuscripts to more polished than ever before upon submission.

And it's makes sense.

Think about it from a seller’s, an author’s, and a consumer’s point of view.

A publisher requires a manuscript to prove its potential upon submission not only to reassure them that it's within their ability and resources to finish, but to convince the publisher that the book has the legs to do what it needs it to do for the publisher to survive: sell.

An author relies on a good-quality book to sustain and maintain their readership, as well as their relationship with their publisher (and, if they have one, agent). Whilst few authors rely solely on book sales to live, authors do rely on reputation and quality to secure or attract further commercial interest, as well as readership.  

Most crucially for both publishers and authors, readers demand high-quality writing not only for their own satisfaction, but to maintain their loyalty to a particular author or publisher. 

So why would a publisher commission anything but the best for publication when there's so much – financially and emotionally – at stake for all parties?

Whether you intend to publish your work through traditional or contemporary publishing methods, enlisting the help of an editor can not only help you survive the trials and tribulations of modern day publication, and prepare your book to stand armed against the critical world it’s being inducted into, but can inspire and develop a writer and reader more than they can imagine.  Readers' needs must always be the priority; and the most important thing that an editor can do to help an author on their route to publication is to help them write the best book they can FOR THEIR READER.

I’ve created Killing Darlings to help you achieve your best writing, to shape the work you set out to write, and to boost your chances of success should you choose to publish or self-publish your work. 

My bespoke packages are tailored for each writer to offer honest feedback, and to shape your current and future writing for yourself and your readers. 

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Chloe Murphy