Win A Free Editorial Consultation & Review


To celebrate the official launch of my new book editing service based in Brighton and Hove, I’m pleased to be offering a brand new, FREE competition for fiction authors and poets.

To thank the universe for its diversity, I will be gifting one special author or poet a full, free critical review of their writing. The prize will be tailored to help the winner make their writing the best it can be.

An inclusive competition created to celebrate all voices, all writers are welcomed and encouraged to apply.

So whether your novel, poetry of short story collection is a work in progress, a first draft, or a more mature draft, I want to hear your story.

Everyone is welcome to apply. There are no entry costs, and the prize will be awarded to the author or poet whose work inspires me the most.

The prize:

  • An editor’s report that includes:

Detailed critical feedback highlighting and discussing the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript;

Solutions to potential issues in the manuscript;

Tailored top tips on how to polish your manuscript and improve on weaker areas in the future.

  • An honest reader’s report, which includes:

A tagline/hook for your manuscript;

A synopsis of your novel’s plot, or if you’re submitting a poetry or short story collection, a breakdown of the themes in your collection;

A short summary of the strengths/weaknesses of the manuscript;

An honest review of whether, as an editor, I believe the manuscript would be suitable for representation or publication.

  • An optional post-feedback Skype or phone consultation.

  • An editing friend for life!

Please read the rules and guidelines below carefully before submitting your entry, and get in touch today if you have any questions about the prize, the criteria, or the submission guidelines.


  • One entry per person.

  • Writers may submit one novel/poetry collection only for consideration.

  • Fiction authors may submit the first chapter of their novel (maximum of 5,000 words) for entry. Poets may submit up to five poems (or 10 sides of A4) for submission. Short story writers may submit up to 3 short stories (maximum 5,000 words in total). The winner will be asked to submit the rest of their work upon receiving their prize.

  • Entries must be predominantly written in the English language (US or UK English), but many incorporate phrases and words from other languages.

  • Entries must be submitted via e-mail BEFORE the closing deadline of Monday 3rd December 2018 at midnight (GMT).

  • Writers must remember that all feedback or rejection is subjective, and must not feel disheartened if they are unsuccessful.



  • Entries are open to writers of ALL backgrounds.

  • Writers may live and originate from anywhere in the world.

  • Entries will be accepted from unpublished AND published writers.

  • Entries from all genres will be considered.

  • Entries written in any style, set in any place, and focusing on any subject will be accepted.

  • Novels, poetry collections, and short story collections are all eligible.

  • Novels/poetry and short story collections at all stages of completion will be considered.


Submission guidelines:

  • Please e-mail your submission to, and include the following details in the body of your e-mail or within your attachment: your name; the best e-mail address to contact you at; the best phone number to reach you on; your Twitter handle if you have one.

  • Please refrain from sending multiple attachments.

  • Please include your name and the name of your novel/collection in the title of your document.

  • Please insert your name and page numbers on every page of your attachment.

  • If you are submitting multiple poems, please include all poems within one attachments.

    Within your attachment or body of your e-mail, please also include:

  • The status of your work (unfinished, first draft, second draft etc.)

  • The word count for your entry piece.

  • The word count for your novel/collection as a whole.

  • Any other relevant information that you feel it would be beneficial to disclose.

Winners will be announced shortly after the deadline of Monday 3rd December 2018 at midnight (GMT), and will be contacted directly.

Please send your entry to Chloe at today for your chance to win. Good luck!

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