Copy-editing & substantive editing for poetry collections


Shipshape (£275-£350)

A good writer needs to balance the equilibrium between two things in their writing: ease and force.

This package explores the structure, tone of voice, and accessibility of your poetry to make sure that everything is in ticking order. Think of it not a proofreading, copy-editing or reviewing service, but more of a general check up to pick up any small details or loose ends that you may have missed.

This package is ideal for works that are in the more mature stages of development. I also highly recommend this service for dyslexic poets who need a little help perfecting their spelling, syntax and grammar.


MAJOR MAJOR, the full works (STARTING FROM £600)

My rock n' roll package, Major Major is no catch 22, as this package includes every service you need to polish your rock into a diamond.

Tailored for each writer and each project, we'll work together to develop, finish and fine-tune your work, taking your poetry collection through the full substantive and copy-editing process until it is poetry collection that you set out to write.

If you’re in it for the long haul, then this is the package for you. In short, by the end of this project, you’ll have a manuscript that’s ready to present to a publisher, a loved one, or to a final stage proof-reader.*

N.B. I will do what I can to highlight and consult on all errors I encounter, but due to the deeply involved nature of my input, I would recommend sending the final work out for professional proofreading.