Structural editing for poetry collections

Papercuts (£275-£350)


The ability to see what could be best removed from your work is one of the most valuable skills that can be learnt as a writer or editor. Papercuts will show you what it would strengthen your work to prune.

Designed for large poetry collections that need pruning before they can flourish, this package chops away duplications and superfluous content, helping to kill some of those beloved darlings so that you don't have to.


NEW ORDER (£175-£250)

The order of a poetry collection is an element of creative formatting that requires a great deal of understanding about the collection you’re trying to compile.                                                            

For poets with large bodies of poems to order and organise, New Order helps you to collect and organise your poems into an order that strengthens the collection’s overall narrative.

By pruning your work down to its strongest contenders, establishing the collections overall narrative or set of themes, and suggesting the literal order of the collection, this package will help set your mega-narrative in motion. After all, a poetry collection is nothing if not a story woven out of the threads of a collection of little worlds.   

I recommend this package for experimental poetry, non-linear or dual narrated poetry, and poets who have collected their poetry as it has been written or from strongest to weakest.