Terms & COnditions


Please read my terms and conditions thoroughly before selecting your package, or contact me if you have any questions.



“I” refers to Chloe, the sole editor and administrator of Killing Darlings, and is inclusive of ‘Killing Darlings’

“You” refers to you, the client/buyer/ writer/poet/author/content creator.

“Package” refers to the client’s chosen purchase, and is inclusive of the phrase ‘services’

“Conditions” refers to the terms and conditions below, and is inclusive of any special conditions agreed in writing by you, the client.

“Price” refers to the agreed monetary amount for each package, or the total of the combination of prices of two or more packages.

I reserve the right to grant, refuse, restrict, or cancel any order at my sole discretion and at any time.

Payment Terms

Payments are to be made by bank transfer only, and must be paid by the deadline stipulated on the client's invoice. Receipt of purchase will be issued promptly upon receiving the client's payment. 

I ask for a 50% upfront payment for all packages (minus the Full Mini Monty package, for which I require full upfront payment) before commencing any work. The outstanding balance will be due within 30 days of completion of the work. 

I strive to make my services accessible to all, and am considerate of the fact that immediate payments of large sums can be difficult. If you do not think you can meet the necessary payment requirements listed in the paragraph above, please get in touch to discuss an alternative payment plan, such as paying in instalments at pre-arranged intervals. All alternative payment plans must be adhered to by the client throughout the duration of the project, and must be agreed to in writing prior to the commencement of any work.

Prices for packages are non-negotiable and indicative of the amount of work required for the client's project, and the price of services for the client's project will be disclosed to the client before purchase, and must be agreed to by the client in writing prior to purchase and the commencement of any work.

Killing Darlings reserves the right to reconsider the cost of services should the client request to change the original brief agreed in writing prior to the completion of part or all requested work. All further costs must be agreed to in writing by the client before the recommencement of work. If the client does not agree to these costs wishes to terminate the project and contract with Killing Darlings, then Killing Darlings reserves the right to keep or claim payment for any and all work carried out on behalf of the client prior to the early termination of the services.

Killing Darlings would like to stress that whilst editorial feedback is subjective, it is a service, and must be be purchased like all other trades in full upon completion of the requested works.

Killing Darlings has the right to refuse refunds. If the client can prove that Killing Darlings has not provided the services agreed to in writing upon purchase, or that Killing Darlings has not provided the services adapted, requested and consented to in writing by the Freelance and the Client prior to the full completion of the project, Killing Darlings will rectify unsatisfactory work in her own time and at her own expense.



Killing Darlings cannot guarantee 100% grammatical, factual or formatic accuracy in any edited projects, and does not offer proofreading services. Killing Darlings will not be held liable for costs incurred by further editorial services deemed necessary by the client from external providers (such as proofreading services).

Killing Darlings cannot guarantee the financial or commercial success of the client's work following the part or full completion of any work carried out by Killing Darlings, nor can Killing Darlings cannot guarantee that any will be commissioned by a publisher or successful in competitions.

Killing Darlings bears no responsibility for any copy-write or trademark infringements that may be found within the client's writing, and will not be held liable for any costs incurred from such infringement.

Killing Darlings bears no accountability for the views of the client nor the client's writing.