"Chloe has, with great enthusiasm, been providing detailed editorial advice and support for two current projects of mine: a book of lectures (about to be contracted with a major academic publisher) and a novel.

With the lectures Chloe has sent extensive feedback on each of them, showing not only a rich understanding of what each lecture is trying to achieve but also a rare sensitivity to points of language and style. Chloe has also not been afraid to say when the ideas have not been properly expressed or developed. I’ve come to trust Chloe’s judgement implicitly and each lecture has been improved because of her advice.

With the novel (an experimental and multi-generic text with hidden plot-lines), Chloe read it twice in quick succession and with penetrating insight and grasp of structure and purpose, and provided extremely helpful and relevant advice, including recommendations for cuts and re-shapings. This novel has had many readers among my friends over the years but I can honestly say that no other reader has read it with such understanding, sympathy and care. Chloe has also been instrumental in helping me get the novel read by an independent publisher."



‘‘Chloe recently edited a poetry collection of mine, Seasores. Her expertise and advice raised the quality of the overall book, as she works hard, and was patient and full of advice without patronising or discounting what I as the author felt. 

Chloe was able to provide a critical eye and a new perspective, and is the perfect editor for anyone wanting to get a professional view of their work. 

A good editor is crucial to bring a book to the finish line to the publisher; the problem is finding a good editor. I believe Chloe will enhance and advance any manuscript that she takes on; and whether it is crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s in the final draft, or more in-depth structural advice, I got the feeling she enjoys every step.

She is highly motivated to get the best out each work before her, and takes great pleasure from seeing authors progress in their careers, as in hers. I highly recommend Chloe.’’

/ Nick Wood /


Chloe edited the first part of my novel, Knights of Dawn.

With great detail, she picked out both qualities and flaws of the draft, and offered different perspectives as well as advice without coming across as condescending in the process.

I especially appreciated that she didn’t shy away from pointing out when certain aspects needed more specification. These pieces of advice will be crucial for further development, and I will certainly look back on Chloe’s reports as I continue the story.

I trust Chloe’s expertise and judgement as she was honest and clear, whilst always being open for questions. Not only has she helped me by editing my work, but she has motivated me to keep on going and possibly start my career as an author.

I can recommend Chloe to anyone that wishes to receive both sincere and professional feedback from a motivated editor who enjoys their work and an author’s progress.

/ Nathalie Roos /